Yeah, tgi took a bit of figuring out and you kind of have to get deep in the code. This vid I made may help a little: https://youtu.be/Ror2xOOA-VE?si=7u09EwZ0xYbShRQb

Curious why Vicuna and not Llama 2?

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Ooh thank's Ronan, I'm going to try quantising with bitsnbytes--were you able to figure out what was going on with GPTQ? There seems to be a few issues on github around gptq, but nothing concrete that I can either try or follow the progress of.

Vicuna 1.5 (which is fine-tuned Llama2-chat) was just much better at following our prompt AND outputting well-formed JSON.

Llama2 was kinda wild, sometimes repeating parts of the prompt, and other times giving answers that didn't make sense. Llama2-chat was much better in terms of quality, but it was *very* chatty, always starting with "Sure I can help!" and ending with "I hope that helps". I didn't want to have to regex out the JSON portions since that seem ed really brittle.

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GPTQ is always in flux but it’s faster. Harder to use because you can’t easily combine Lora adapters for training.

Ah makes sense on vicuna 1.5 then! Thanks

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I think GPTQ might work, but you have to pass a flag to tgi to disable ex-llama because T4s are old and don't support it. It's finicky though GPTQ (but great speed).

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